Should You Take Testosterone Boosting Pills?

BEST-TESTOSTERONE-BOOSTER pillThere are a lot of products claiming to be the best testosterone booster on the market, and the demand for it is starting to go off the charts.

This shouldn’t be surprising because what these boosters do is quite simply, make you look and feel better. Yes, a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise will help any man, but test boosters ensure you get maximum potential from your body.

I Want To Boost My Testosterone With A Trial Bottle!

What is Testosterone Anyway?

Before you start looking for the best testosterone booster, some basic information is necessary. Testosterone performs several roles in the male body, but it can best be summed as the hormone that produces the primary male characteristics like body hair, muscles, vocal range and more.

Testosterone levels reach their peak during your early 20s, after which production is reduced. As your testosterone production goes down, so does your libido, ability to grow muscles, and you are physically weaker and vulnerable to diseases. As you can see, testosterone is very important and plays a vital role in determining your attributes. While the effects are mainly physical, there’s no question that it also affects you mentally and emotionally as well.

The Benefits of a Test Booster

This is where a natural testosterone booster becomes important because when taken properly your testosterone levels are increased, improving your sex drive in the process as well as energy levels. T boosters also lead to greater physical endurance, allowing you to do more workouts and develop a muscular physique even if you’re past your 20s.

T boosters should not be confused with steroids which come with a lot of potential side effects. Provided you don’t overdose, T boosters won’t cause any serious side effects because they’re naturally produced by your body. When taken on a regular basis, a herbal testosterone booster can produce significant physical improvements and ensure the hours you put in the gym don’t go to waste.

To sum up the benefits:

  • Greater stamina: athletes and fitness buffs have always emphasized the importance of testosterone balance because it’s one of the ingredients for greater physical endurance. If you’re an athlete, a T booster will play a huge role in getting you ready for competition. But even if you’re not, these boosters will still rejuvenate your body and help you get through the day.

  • Increased sexual drive: no surprise here, as many of these products are advertised as such. Even so, the best T boosters for men will do more than just boost your sex drive as it will also improve your overall physique.

  • Desire to work out: studies have shown that T boosters actually stimulate men to work out more. At first this was thought to be nothing more than a psychological effect, but further studies showed that the increased desire to pump iron comes from the added energy.

  • Muscle mass development and maintenance: there are plenty of studies which prove that testosterone is needed for muscle growth, but what you may not realize is that they are just as necessary for muscle mass maintenance. As researchers have already stated, reduced testosterone production greatly affects your body’s ability to develop and maintain muscles, so boosting testosterone naturally will definitely help.

  • Maintain bone mass: testosterone pills don’t just lead to muscle growth, as it also plays an important role in keeping your bones and joints strong. These benefits cannot be emphasized enough because they’re necessary to prevent injury. Even if you have the energy to work out, there’s always the risk of getting hurt. That’s where T boosters come in because they’ll provide the additional strength for your bones.

The benefits definitely bring steroids to mind, but as has been pointed out earlier the two should not be confused with each other since they’re very different. Unlike steroids, T boosters are completely natural, so you don’t have to worry about your body reacting adversely to the ingredients.

Do Test Boosters Have Side Effects?

Testosterone booster side effects aren’t as widely reported as steroids simply because there aren’t that many. If you take the supplement as directed it’s very unlikely you’ll encounter problems, although overdosing could lead to an acne outbreak, mood swings and growth of excess hair / hair loss.

In a few cases, sensitive people have reported becoming more prone to anger, but these reports are rare and can usually be remedied by reducing the dosage. The bottom line is they’re much safe than steroids and not as likely to cause any long term health problems.

I Want To Boost My Testosterone With A Trial Bottle!


How Do I Find the Best T Booster?

Now that you know the benefits of test boosters, it’s only natural that you’ll want to look for one, but how do you find the best? All of them say they’re the best but of course they’re not formulated the same way. If you’re confused and don’t know where to start, here are some suggestions:

  • Read testosterone booster reviews: this is one of the most effective ways of figuring out how good a supplement is. Simply go online and find out what people are saying about it. Are the reviews positive? Negative? Mixed? What side effects have been reported?

  • Investigate the product: go to the product website and check what kind of information is provided. What are the ingredients of the pills? The website should provide a list of the ingredients as well as any scientific studies supporting its claims. The more information provided, the more comfortable you can feel about using it.

  • Get recommendations: one of the quickest ways to find a test booster pill is to ask your friends if they know any. This is certainly the easiest option, but if it isn’t possible you can always go to online forums or do your own research.

  • Compare different supplements: narrow your choices down to a few and then compare them based on price, testimonials, results, ingredients and other factors you may want to put in.

There are a few other things you need to keep in mind. Because T boosters are now so popular, fake supplements have appeared online. Before buying, look at the website for information about a money back guarantee, contact information, shipping fees and so on. If you’ve never heard of the company before, you need to do some investigating and make sure that it’s legit.

What Ingredients are Used in Testosterone Pills?

Some testosterone enhancers use only one major active ingredient while others consist of several extracts. If you’re going to buy a T booster it only makes sense to learn what the most widely used – and proven effective – ingredients are so you can have a checklist to guide you. Here are a few you should look for:

  • Vitamin B6: This is required for testosterone production and reduces your body’s estrogen levels at the same time.

  • D-Aspartic Acid: this is an amino acid responsible for the production of testosterone in your body.

  • Fenugreek: well known for increasing the male sexual drive, making it an essential ingredient in any T increaser.

  • Magnesium: magnesium is an essential mineral that soothes your muscles and stimulates muscle buildup, growth and development. Magnesium also has special properties that increase physical endurance and make you less vulnerable to cramps, soreness and fatigue, and it leads to faster recovery after workouts.

  • Tribulus Terrestris: this is one of the most widely used ingredients in men’s health supplements, and with good reason because there is plenty of evidence to prove that it works as a herbal testosterone booster. Read our tribulus terrestris article here.

  • Zinc: you’ll be hard pressed to find a T booster or men’s supplement that doesn’t include zinc, because study after study has proven its efficiency in boosting libido, muscle growth and overall health. Apart from stimulating testosterone production, zinc increases your body’s dopamine levels which are essential for prostate health and dealing with stress.

  • Bryonia Laciniosa: this has long been used in alternative and folk medicine to boost a man’s sex drive, and now science tells us there might actually be something to the idea.

  • Ginseng: you cannot have a list of potential T booster ingredients without mentioning ginseng, as it’s one of the most popular and proven testosterone enhancements available. Aside from improving blood flow, ginseng also increases your sex drive and leads to faster muscle growth.

  • Vitamin D: along with vitamin B6, vitamin D is critical for the consistent production of testosterone and for strengthening bones. Although you can get vitamin D in food, it will help if your supplement has it.

These are the most widely studied – and scientifically proven – natural T boosters, so if a product has it, chances are it’s good for you. However, there are other herbs that have shown promise and could prove worthwhile too, such as butea superba, an herb that increases testosterone levels, as well as basella alba, which has been shown to increase testosterone in rats and potentially in humans as well. Finally there’s boron, a mineral that has shown potential when it comes to improving testosterone levels.


Testosterone booster before and after photos and testimonials prove without doubt that it does work, so it’s only a matter of finding the right one. With the guidelines provided above, you’ll have an easier time making an informed purchasing decision.

I Want To Boost My Testosterone With A Trial Bottle!