Do Di-indolylmethane Supplements For Men Work?

In the world of athletics, there are two types of people. Those who just want to be healthy, and those who take things seriously. If all you want to do is be healthy, then that much is easy. Eat a healthy diet, exercise two or three times a week, and call it enough. You may not have a great body, but you’ll certainly be healthy.

Those who take things seriously, however, often need a little more in order to meet their goals. It’s not enough to just be healthy. They need to have a toned, muscular body. They want to be able to model for magazines and impress those around them with their physical prowess. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Society puts quite a bit of emphasis on a person’s physical appearance, so it’s absolutely no wonder that so many people want to do more than simply be healthy.

However, if you’re looking to get a muscular body, you can’t just eat right and exercise. You have to plan your workouts carefully. And, perhaps most importantly, you have to give your body a little bit of a boost. That’s why supplements have become so popular. They help your body build up the extra chemicals and hormones it needs in order to make your muscles bulge and flex.

Unfortunately, there’s a downside to supplements. Due to the way the FDA laws about supplements work, a company doesn’t actually have to prove their claims until someone sues them. This means a supplement can be made of nothing but lies and sawdust. So when you hear about a great new supplement, such as a dim supplement, how can you know it’s a good one? What is a dim supplement?

Dim supplements are made of diindolylmethane. It’s a chemical that exists in certain plants such as cabbage and broccoli. What it does in practical terms is helps moderate the amount of estrogen that your body creates. Estrogen is well known as the “female” hormone, meaning it helps your body produce certain amounts of fat. If you’ve been working hard and yet find that you still have a difficult time with weight loss, it may be because of estrogen.

As this video explains, many foods can increase your estrogen! Luckily, many modern testosterone boosters contain DIM along with other ingredients.

So a dim supplement can help moderate and lower that estrogen, acting as an estrogen blocker, and that may solve your problem. However, you shouldn’t rely on it alone. If you try a dim supplement for a few weeks and don’t notice much change, then it may be that in addition to too much estrogen, your body isn’t producing enough testosterone. So you may try taking a dim supplement alongside a testosterone booster, in order to keep your body chemistry well balanced towards bulking up.

Supplements are always a tricky game, because even if they work they may not be the thing you need. Dim supplements will absolutely help moderate your estrogen production, that much is true. If it’s not what you need, it may not be the solution you’re looking for. So try it, but do keep an eye on how things are working.