Muscle HD – Improve Endurance and Build Muscle

Muscle HD was developed for one purpose only, and that is increase your body’s creatine level so you can build more muscle. Oftentimes even if you’re working out, you would notice that your muscles don’t seem to grow at all and you just can’t get rid of your body fat. The makers of Muscle HD claims that if you take this supplement those problems will go away, but will they, really?

What Does This Muscle Supplement Do?

The supplement can do a lot of things, but mainly it’s for increasing your body’s creatine level. What creatine does is transform the food and proteins you consume into muscle. Due to poor diet, your muscle loses definition, you gain weight and are no longer able to do workouts and lift weights like you used to. This usually starts when you reach the age of 35, but it can affect males in their 20s as well.

Whatever the case may be, this booster will more than make up for that by increasing your body’s protein level in a week at most. While it may sound like hyperbole or the product of marketing, testimonials indicate otherwise, and this is possible because of the ingredients, which we will look at closely later.

What are the Benefits?

Not only will this pill add creatine to your system, but it is 100% natural so there’s no need to worry about the potential side effects. Second, the supplement works on several fronts to improve your health. The most obvious benefit is you develop bigger muscles and become stronger. However, that’s not all since the ingredients also fortifies your immune system and makes you less vulnerable to fatigue.

While the supplement doesn’t produce results overnight, you will feel the difference after just a workout or two, and if you take the supplement regularly, the benefits become more pronounced. As your muscles grow, performance and power are increased, and your physique becomes more muscular and toned. Just as important, it doesn’t come with any artificial ingredients.

What are the Ingredients?

These ingredients have been specially selected and mixed in a certain way so they produce the best results.

  • Vitamin C: this metabolizes your proteins and speeds up muscle tissue development.

  • Creatine Monohydrate: one of the most important ingredients in boosting physical strength.

  • Vitamin D/3: you need this vitamin to augment growth of muscle mass.

  • Vitamin B6: the supplement uses this ingredient to ensure proper protein and fat absorption.

  • Thiamin, Folic Acid and Niacin: these three elements work together to ensure food is converted to energy properly.

  • Vitamin B12: this B vitamin is essential for the development of red blood cells.

  • L-Arginine: this is an amino acid that is responsible for synthesizing proteins.

  • Calcium: increases bone strength and boosts your energy level for more intense workouts.

  • Asian Ginseng: Asian Ginseng is another energy enhancer so you can become more productive, day or night.

  • Cayenne: this fruit has been used for years to improve digestion and enhance circulation.

How Much Do I Take?

You need to consume two of these capsules every day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. On days when you’re going to work out, take the second pill half an hour before you start working out. By taking the capsule 30 minutes early, you’re going to give your body enough time to absorb the nutrients and gain the stamina boost necessary for a long workout.


  • Increases physical strength

  • Builds bigger muscles

  • Does not have any side effects

  • Increases amino and creatine levels safely

  • The supplement uses natural ingredients


  • The supplement is only available online

  • It might take a few days or a week to see results

Are There Any Side Effects?

Several reviews and testimonials about this supplement have been published and to date there are no reports of side effects associated with its use. Of course you should not overdose as that will most likely produce unwelcome effects.


Muscle HD is not the first name you would consider when it comes to creatine increase, but if the supplement you’re using is not producing the results you expect, then this would definitely be worth a try. Whereas other muscle enhancers will (falsely) claim to produce benefits overnight, this one doesn’t, but if you give this sufficient time it’s going to produce results.