Ripped Muscle X – Muscle Builder or a Scam?

Ripped Muscle X has been the subject of conversation among bodybuilders and fitness buffs, and many agree it’s the best solution for getting large and ripped muscles. However, how much of this is true, and can you really expect this supplement to deliver on its claims? Here’s an in-depth, objective look at this product and its efficiency.

What are the Benefits?

This muscle enhancer has three primary benefits: burn body fat, build lean muscle and increase physical strength and endurance. If you want ripped muscles, all three of these elements need to be present in a supplement, otherwise it won’t have much of an effect. To put it in simple terms, your body needs to burn the excess body fat, and this is what your body will use to build bigger muscles and increase endurance. Combine this with regular workouts and you will get the results you want.

The benefits from this supplement take time and in part dependent on the type of workout you do and the diet you are on. If you’re going to be disciplined take this while working out, your muscles will grow and build at an accelerated pace, and the results will be more significant compared to your regular gym sessions.

How Does the Supplement Work?

This Ripped Muscle X review can tell you this supplement works differently compared to other muscle boosters in the market. What the company’s research team did was take creatine and augment its strength and potency. Fitness experts have long known about the health benefits of creatine and how it works, but now this supplement has taken it further and improved the formula.

Creatine is an acid that naturally occurs in your body and supplies it with the energy your body requires to build muscles. What this strength supplement does is provide additional energy for the cells in your body so protein synthesis can make bigger muscles.

However while creatine is its primary ingredient, the workings of this supplement are more complex and go deeper. To find out let’s take a look at its other ingredients and what they are for.

What are the Ingredients?

Ripped Muscle X ingredients include the following:

  • Creatine Magna Power: this is their special formula that enhances creatine levels in your body.

  • Magnesium: another important ingredient that stimulates muscle growth and development.

  • Acai Berry: this increases the energy in your body and helps fortify the immune system while improving digestion.

  • L-Citrulline and L-Arginine: these are important amino acids because they provide a lot of benefits. Apart from enhancing muscle buildup they also function as nitric oxide precursors and boost stamina.

  • Beta Alanine: this is another amino acid that minimizes muscle fatigue while increasing stamina. If you tire quickly during workouts you’re going to need this.

  • Zinc: zinc is important for fostering muscle growth and repair muscles that have weakened.

  • Green tea: green tea is rich in antioxidants that flush out toxins in your body, the very elements that cause you to weaken and be vulnerable to fatigue.

It should also be pointed out this supplement doesn’t have any fillers, synthetic chemicals or artificial elements included. It’s true that many of the ingredients in this supplement can be found elsewhere, but the difference is in the concentration since it is more potent here.

User Testimonials

This supplement has been out online for a while now and most of the testimonials have been positive. Here are some of the reviews that we have found:

  • Nick H of Orlando: I’ve been using this for over two months and I’m very happy with the result. I lost a lot of fat around my belly, and my arms and legs have firmed up. I can also lift more weights now.

  • John F of Dallas: I was skeptical at first and thought this was just another scam, but after a couple of weeks I began to feel stronger. Now I’m in much better shape and all my friends are asking how I did it!

  • Chris A of New Jersey: I’ve been hitting the gym regularly for 6 years but couldn’t quite get the abs I wanted. Thanks to this supplement I was finally able to get the body I’ve always longed for.

These are but just three of the many other testimonials about the supplement, and majority of them seem to like the results. There are a few negative reviews here and there but for the most part it’s been very positive.


  • Provides a safe and effective way to build muscles

  • There’s a 14 day free trial for everyone

  • The manufacturer has a solid BBB rating

  • The supplement burns body fat

  • It doesn’t cause any bloating


  • The supplement takes a week or two to produce any substantial effects

  • You cannot buy this over the counter since it’s only available online

Are There Any Side Effects?

This supplement does not cause any side effects provided you don’t take more than 2 capsules a day. There’s really no need to take more than that because the formula will kick in and start providing nutrients for your body. Of course you should consult your doctor if you are taking any type of medication or have a serious medical ailment.

Where to Buy

If you’re interested in ordering a bottle, it’s sold on the official website. Warning: there are fake versions of this supplement, and while those are cheaper you won’t get any benefits from them at all. Besides when you order from the official website you’ll be entitled to a free trial so you can try one of their bottles without paying for anything.

My Conclusion

Rip Muscle X is getting good reviews from those who’ve tried it, and while it’s not going to increase your muscles right away, the changes become evident as the days and weeks pass by and you keep taking it regularly. As your energy and stamina levels go up you’re going to see significant gains in your physique with no side effects. For these reasons we recommend this to anyone who’s serious about developing big muscles.