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Shocking Benefits Of Bulgarian Tribulus Extract?

tribulus-terrestris-and-testosterone-does-tribulus-workAre you looking for a natural way to increase your testosterone, muscles and sex drive?

Tribulus terrestris extract, also known as bulgarian tribulus, comes from a plant belonging to the Caltrop Family. This plant grows in many areas around the world and is recognizable for its spine covered fruit. However, the plant’s extract is now more widely known for its healing and health boosting properties, such as increased testosterone production, boosting the male sex drive and muscle growth.

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This plant has also been used for hundreds of years by the Chinese and in India for treating a wide array of illnesses and conditions such as impotence, improving moods and for general improvements to one’s health. While widely used in alternative medicine, it was only until a couple of decades ago that Western scientists began to look into its healing and beneficial properties.

What the Health Benefits?

Tribulus terrestris benefits include the following:

Its most important benefit is increasing your testosterone level, because it will lead to faster muscle growth, prevents early onset of fatigue and increases physical strength. This extract isn’t a substitute for exercise, but what it does is provide you with the energy necessary to work out. There are several top testosterone supplements that claim to be able to do this, but few of them have been as scientifically tested as tribulos.

  • Increases Physical Strength and Lean Muscle Mass

Apart from increasing testosterone levels, the plant also promotes muscle growth, which is why tribulus terrestris bodybuilding have become bywords among fitness buffs. The increase in muscle growth however, is to be expected because one of the end products of increased testosterone is muscle synthesis. If you read reviews, virtually everyone says tribulis helped increase their physical strength as well as improve muscle tone.

  • Increases Sex Drive

Tribulus contains protodioscin, the precursor to testosterone and plays a pivotal role in improving your sex life. You have probably noticed that many testosterone boosters that have tribulus are often advertised as sex drive enhancers, and as it turns out there are good reasons for this.

  • Balancing Hormones

Several studies have been conducted indicating that this extract is effective when it comes to balancing the body’s hormonal balance. Hormonal imbalance can lead to all sorts of physical, emotional and sexual problems, so this aspect is certainly beneficial.

The benefits of this plant extract extend beyond those mentioned above as several studies have shown that it’s also effective when it comes to boosting your circulatory system, providing assistance to your body in several ways, such as pumping oxygen to the major organs and muscles.

Researchers have also determined that this plant promotes the production of various testosterone stimulators, and there’s also evidence that it may be used to treat impotence in men and women. Several studies have been done to support this conclusion, but it’s still not clear how it works, though in all likelihood it has something to do with the way tribulus balances hormones.

What the information above shows is that the plant provides a number of health benefits, which means people can take it for different reasons. Some guys use it to boost their testosterone while others do so to balance their hormones or increase their sex drive, it’s your choice.

Yes, Give Me My Trial Bottle Of Tribulus Terrestris!

Are There Any Side Effects?

Tribulus terrestris side effects are minimal provided the correct dosage is taken, and several studies have shown that the extract is safe to use for extended periods. Pregnant and nursing women however, should first consult a doctor before taking the supplement. The extract is also known to reduce blood sugar levels so if you’re diabetic, some adjustments might be necessary. While several studies confirm that it’s safe to use, it’s best not to take any two weeks after any kind of surgery.

This is of course assuming that you are in generally good condition without any serious ailments. If you have a heart condition or taking special medication, consult your doctor first before taking any tribulus supplement.

What Is The Correct Dosage?

Tribulus terrestris dosage will depend on the supplement you are taking, but generally three types are used:

  • tribulus terrestris 1000 mg

  • tribulus terrestris 500 mg

  • tribulus 750 mg

As to how much you’re supposed to take, that depends on your goals and how long you’ve been using the supplement. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to start with 750 mg (take one 250 mg supplement capsule three times a day) or if that is too strong for you, take two 250 mg tablets a day. Once you’re body has grown accustomed to the supplement, you can increase the dosage up to 1000 mg or two 500 mg capsules a day.

This is only a general guideline however, because in the end you need to follow the instructions provided on the supplements. Also, you must not expect changes to happen overnight it will take your body time to get accustomed to it. But if you persevere, physical improvements will manifest.

Where Can I Buy?

If you’ve been reading tribulus terrestris reviews you’ll notice that there are a lot of options regarding where they can be purchased. The simplest and safest option is to go to the manufacturer’s official website and order from there. There are a lot of advantages that come from purchasing at the official website, but basically what it all comes down to is you’re going to have a money back guarantee and if something goes wrong, you can complain directly to the site since you bought there.

Before you buy any supplement that has this ingredient, make sure to do a background check on the product and any other ingredients present. Not all natural testosterone boosters that claim they have this extract actually do, so do some research first so you don’t end up making a mistake.


As the information here shows, tribulus terrestris extract is one of the few herbal products that actually live up to the hype. If you do product comparison among the various testosterone boosters sold today, you’ll see that this pant is included in most of them, and that only makes sense given the benefits that it provides.

Yes, Give Me My Trial Bottle Of Tribulus Terrestris!