Muscle Rev Extreme – For Sculpted Muscles

Muscle Rev Xtreme promises to give you that ripped, sculpted look you’ve always wanted, and there are a lot of reviews and feedback from people who say they’re happy with the results. But its claims of giving you big, hard, sculpted muscles sound like the ones made by a hundred other supplements, so is it effective? After doing the review, we have to say the answer is yes, it does work, and here’s why and how the supplement works.

What are the Benefits?

First let’s take a look at the benefits, and primarily what it does is accelerate muscle buildup in your body. When you take this supplement, it speeds up and increases the muscle building process in your body so you get faster results. It must be emphasized this supplement doesn’t just accelerate the muscle building process as it also augments the process so more muscles are grown, and they get stronger and harder the more you work out.

At the same time the supplement enhances your stamina and promotes greater endurance so you can spend more time working out in the gym and pumping iron. All the while as you’re gaining strength the supplement’s other ingredients provides other health benefits so you feel better overall. Overall, the benefits of the supplement outweigh those of other muscle enhancers.

How Does the Supplement Work?

This Muscle Rev Xtreme review can say this product works at several levels, but mainly it provides your body with the energy necessary to produce hard muscles. When you take two of these capsules every day, it expands the amount of nitric oxide in your body, and this in turn releases more arginine essential for building and hardening muscles.

This supplement is not really a fat burner, and you still need to go on a healthy diet while working out, but thanks to its ingredients your body will burn fat as a faster rate than normal. There is nothing magical about this process however because it is a byproduct of the supplement’s interaction with your body.

What are the Ingredients?

The ingredients in this muscle supplement are as follows:

  • L-citruline: this is the primary ingredient of this supplement. this is an amino acid that spikes up nitric oxide levels in your body. At the same time it stimulates muscle tissue growth and development, so you’re going to get more out of your workout routines.

  • L-Norvaline and L Arginine: these are amino acids that improve blood and oxygen circulation in the body while increasing nitric oxide production.

  • Coenzyme Q10: this enzyme plays a vital role in increasing your body’s energy output, essential for doing intense workouts.

  • Folic acid: folic acid boosts your immune system and makes you less vulnerable to illnesses.

  • Calcium: essential ingredient for increasing bone strength and density.

The benefits of folic acid and calcium have been well established by science, and their inclusion here shows the ingredients have been chosen based on scientific evidence and not hearsay. But the presence of Coenzyme Q10, L-Norvaline and L-citruline are what sets it apart from the rest.

Testimonials From Users

Muscle Rev Extreme has been used by a lot of fitness buffs and bodybuilders, and the general consensus is that the product delivers when it comes to adding bulk to your muscles and toning them.

Phil of San Diego: “I got into bodybuilding three years ago and was never able to get the physique I wanted, but I have it now after taking this. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that this supplement is the difference. I’m going to order more.”

Joshua of Denver: “I never thought I needed this to improve my frame but now it’s indispensible. My six pack looks better and muscles are harder and better toned. I’m very satisfied with the results, and I’ve never felt any side effects.”

Tyrone of Iowa: “I’ve tried a lot of muscle boosters and this is far and away the most effective. It only took a week before I felt the changes and I’ve gained more than 18 lbs. of hard muscle.”

Kevin of North Dakota: “I used to take a lot of different muscle supplements and nothing worked, and they often gave me side effects so I was hesitant to try this. I am glad I did because the results have been a pleasant surprise.”

What these reviews and testimonials show us is most users are happy with the result and have not suffered any unpleasant side effects while using it. There are a few negative feedbacks here and there, but when taken as a whole the majority are in agreement it does work as advertised.


  • Enhances protein synthesis and muscle growth

  • Can help burn fat when combined with a healthy diet

  • Doesn’t cause jitters or shakes like other stimulants

  • Doesn’t contain sodium

  • Muscles get large and hard


  • Not suitable for individuals under 18

  • Once the free trial period expires you have to pay for the rest of the bottles

Are There Any Side Effects?

As powerful as this supplement is, there are no side effects, short or long term, that have been reported. That doesn’t mean there are no risks when you overdose however, so don’t consume any more than the daily recommended amount on the label.

Where to Buy

The supplement is available on the official website, and you should only buy from the official source, because sites without the official approval are selling knock offs that don’t have any benefits and could actually make you feel worse. When you go to the official website you’re going to see a link to the risk free trial, and this gives you the opportunity to reap its benefits without paying for it.

My Conclusion

Muscle Rev Xtreme is a supplement that certainly deserves its name. This is one of the most powerful muscle enhancers we’ve come across on the Internet today, so it’s not for casual folks. If you are dead set on getting not just ripped but hard muscles, then this should be your first choice because it packs a lot of power.