Testogen – How Effective Is This Test Booster?

Testogen was released in December of 2014, and immediately it caused a ripple in the natural testosterone booster market. That’s because the ingredients were spot on and the dosages were truly ample. What’s more, the price was very friendly. Although some people at first confused it with Testogen XR (which is a different product made by a different company), Testogen quickly made a name for itself and it became a highly touted testosterone booster among many men.

What is Testogen?

Testogen is a natural testosterone supplement. It doesn’t have any testosterone at all, because for that you’d need a prescription. And if you took testosterone directly simply because you wanted to do better in sports, it’s considered cheating.

No, what this supplement does is help your body naturally produce more testosterone you can use. Remember, testosterone is crucial for men. It affects your energy levels, your concentration, your mood, your muscle mass, and libido, and your overall health. And as you get older, your T level naturally goes down. To counteract this natural decline, you can take Testogen. You only take prescribed testosterone boosters if your doctor believes your T levels gave become dangerously low.

You take 4 capsules a day, and each time with a meal or snack. You can take one with breakfast, lunch, and early dinner and final with a snack later in the evening. It’s also okay if you take 2 capsules after breakfast and then another 2 after dinner. Each bottle comes with 120 capsules, which makes it good for about a month.


The ingredients of Testogen and the amount per daily dose are listed openly. That’s a relief, because some unscrupulous manufacturers sometimes advertise that their product contains a certain ingredient, but neglect to say that the amount is very little and insufficient. The ingredients include:

  • D-Aspartic Acid, 2000mg. DAA is a very common ingredient in numerous natural testosterone boosters for one simple reason—it works. It stimulates the LH hormone, which in turn leads to free testosterone, which is the testosterone that your body can use (unlike the “bound” testosterone). DAA is so effective that in itself it can boost testosterone levels by as much as 45% in just 2 weeks.

  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract, 300mg. Again, this ingredient is often found in testosterone boosters. In fact, in folk medicine this plant has been long used for men with libido concerns. This is a benefit that’s been confirmed time and again by numerous studies.

It’s been so famous that some testosterone boosters even have Tribulus as their one and only ingredient. Some even offer just 45mg of it, so the massive 300mg in Testogen is a great surprise especially when it’s not even the primary ingredient.

It has not been determined just how it affects testosterone levels, but such an effect on the libido must have a positive effect on testosterone. As a bonus, it can also help with issues like high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

  • Panax ginseng, 250mg. Who hasn’t heard of the benefits of ginseng? With panax ginseng, you can really enhance your libido and also improve the quality of your erections. And it also helps in improving your concentration, energy level, and stamina.

  • Fenugreek Extract, 200mg. As we get older, our testosterone and estrogen balance becomes more precarious (which is why some of us end up with man-boobs). However, you can restore the proper balance with fenugreek. It boosts testosterone while it also reduces estrogen levels in men.

It also has various vitamins and minerals, with dosages that basically cover your daily needs.

  • Zinc. This has long been known as an aphrodisiac, and now we know that it’s because it helps with testosterone levels. It’s also known to reduce high levels of estrogen, as it inhibits the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. It also boosts dopamine levels, and it even helps you keep mentally sharp and focused.

  • Various Vitamins B (B2, B5, B6). These vitamins boost your energy levels, and testosterone synthesis. It also reduces estrogen levels.

  • Vitamin D. Research has already shown a correlation between vitamin D levels and testosterone levels. And another study found that with just vitamin D alone, men boost their testosterone levels by 20% in a year’s time.

  • Selenium. This trace mineral enhances sperm motility. It even increases the effectiveness of antioxidants.

Pros and Cons

One of the surprising things about Testogen is that it’s very affordable. Not only is the price reasonable, but the manufacturer also offers incredible freebies. Buy 2 bottles and you get the 3rd one free. Buy 3 bottles, and you get 2 for free. And you also get a 60-day guarantee.

But that doesn’t mean it’s inferior that the much more expensive testosterone boosters out there. It comes with excellent ingredients, and what’s more Testogen offers them in sufficient amounts. They don’t skimp with the amounts at all. The 300 mg of tribulus is a case in point. The 300mg amount is very generous. Compare Testogen with other brands that contain similar ingredients, and you’ll find that Testogen offers greater amount for the ingredients.

And then there’s also the issue of side effects. Many testosterone boosters come with GI side effects. And they may also cause you to be easily annoyed or even argumentative. But there are no side effect issues for Testogen.

And finally, the most important thing is that Testogen works. It’s that simple.

As for the downsides, the only problem is the same problem with any type of supplement—everyone reacts differently when taking supplements. You may be one of the few for whom this isn’t good at all. Fortunately, if that’s the case then at least you can still get a refund if it doesn’t work for you in 2 months.

Should You Buy It?

If you’re feeling lethargic and your libido is down, then you really should think about boosting your testosterone with Testogen. The results are amazing, and the price is more than just right.